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Diesel engine exhaust pipe

Diesel engine exhaust pipe

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The exhaust pipe is a part of the engine exhaust system, which mainly includes the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, and muffler. Generally, the three catalytic converters that control the engine's pollutant emissions are also installed in the exhaust system. The exhaust pipe generally includes the front exhaust pipe and the rear exhaust pipe.

Back pressure exhaust pipe

(It is environmentally friendly like the original factory) The principle is the same as the original factory, but the sound is better than the original factory. Most original cars use this type of pipe mainly to generate a pressure that will return to the cylinder through the grille silencer or the volume change of the pipe. When the engine is ignited, the piston begins to move radially, and the exhaust valve will open before the piston reaches the bottom dead center. At this point, the back pressure inside the pipe will block the exhaust gas from rushing out, allowing the mixture to achieve complete combustion. But if the back pressure is too strong, it will cause the exhaust gas to not be completely discharged from the cylinder, causing the exhaust gas to burn together with the mixture and reducing combustion efficiency. Of course, the most direct way is to stimulate the horsepower output. Its advantages: low noise, good low-speed torque. Disadvantages: Exhaust gas cannot be quickly discharged at high speeds, affecting engine power output and low volume.

Half return pressure pipe

Of course, this type of pipe has a lower backpressure force, and the exhaust smoothness is better than that of the backpressure pipe. Simply put, it has a moderate backpressure between the backpressure pipe and the straight pipe to achieve starting torque. The exhaust smoothness is better than that of the backpressure pipe, and of course, the torque at medium and high speeds is also greater than that of the backpressure pipe. Advantages: Good performance in starting, middle, and ending torque. Disadvantages: High noise and high volume.

Straight tube

The acceleration performance is better than that of the return pressure pipe, but the major drawback is that it is very noisy. When the noise is too loud, it will cause the "police uncle" to come after you. The return pressure is extremely low, the exhaust has no resistance, and the torque at low speeds is poor, while the torque at medium and high speeds is relatively high. Advantages: Smooth exhaust, strong torque at high speeds Disadvantages: Soft force at low speeds, loud noise (some say it's easy to burn out the valve, I don't know if it's true), and loud volume.

Half straight pipe

In fact, the semi straight pipe is the same as the semi return pressure pipe, but the exhaust diameter is larger than the semi return pressure pipe. The advantage is that the starting torque is lower than the semi return pressure pipe, but the torque is higher at medium to high speeds

Variable exhaust pipe

Control the exhaust through valves to achieve optimal sound and performance.

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