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Casting of water pump unit

Casting of water pump unit

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In the cylinder block of a car engine, there are multiple water channels for cooling water circulation, which are connected to the radiator (commonly known as the water tank) located in the front of the car through water pipes, forming a large water circulation system. At the upper outlet of the engine, there is a water pump, which is driven by a fan belt to pump out the hot water in the water channel of the engine block and pump in the cold water. There is also a thermostat next to the water pump. When the car is first started (cold), it does not open, so that the cooling water does not pass through the water tank and only circulates inside the engine (commonly known as a small cycle). When the temperature of the engine reaches 95 degrees Celsius or above, it opens, and the hot water inside the engine is pumped into the water tank. When the car moves forward, the cold air blows through the water tank, taking away the heat.

Centrifugal water pumps are widely used in automotive engines. Its basic structure is composed of parts such as water pump casing, connecting plate or pulley, water pump shaft and bearings or shaft connected bearings, water pump impeller and water seal device, and is the main component of automobiles.

The engine drives the water pump bearings and impeller to rotate through a pulley, and the coolant in the water pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together, which is thrown under the action of centrifugal force

Apply a certain amount of pressure to the edge of the water pump casing, and then flow out from the outlet channel or water pipe. At the center of the impeller, the pressure decreases due to the coolant being thrown out. The coolant in the water tank is sucked into the impeller through a water pipe under the pressure difference between the inlet of the water pump and the center of the impeller, achieving reciprocating circulation of the coolant.

The bearings supporting the water pump shaft are lubricated with grease, so it is necessary to prevent coolant leakage into the grease, causing grease emulsification. At the same time, it is also necessary to prevent grease leakage. The sealing measures for water pumps to prevent leakage include water seals and sealing gaskets. The water seal dynamic seal ring and shaft are installed between the impeller and the bearing through interference fit, and the water seal static seal seat is tightly pressed onto the water pump housing to seal the coolant.

The water pump housing is connected to the engine through a sealing gasket and supports moving components such as bearings. There is also a drainage hole on the water pump casing, located between the water seal and the bearing. Once coolant leaks through the water seal, it can be released from the drain hole to prevent coolant from entering the bearing cavity and damaging bearing lubrication, leading to component corrosion. If there is still coolant leakage after the engine is stopped, it indicates that the water seal has been damaged.

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