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A cylindrical metal component that guides the piston in a straight reciprocating motion within the cylinder. Air in the engine cylinder converts thermal energy into mechanical energy through expansion; The gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase pressure. The casing of a turbine, rotary piston engine, etc. is often referred to as a "cylinder". The application fields of cylinders include printing (tension control), semiconductors (spot welding machines, chip grinding), automation control, robots, and so on.

Determine the thrust and tension on the piston rod based on the amount of force required for work. When selecting a cylinder based on this, there should be a slight margin for the output force of the cylinder. If the cylinder diameter is selected too small, the output force is insufficient, and the cylinder cannot work properly; However, excessive cylinder diameter not only makes the equipment bulky and costly, but also increases gas consumption, resulting in energy waste. When designing fixtures, force increasing mechanisms should be used as much as possible to reduce the size of the cylinder.


The following is the calculation formula for the theoretical output of the cylinder:

F: Theoretical output force of cylinder (kgf)

F ': Output force at an efficiency of 85% (kgf) - (F'=F × 85%)

D: Cylinder diameter (mm)

P: Working pressure (kgf/C ㎡)

Example: What is the theoretical output force of a cylinder with a diameter of 340mm at a working pressure of 3kgf/cm2? What is the output power of the bud?
Connect P and D, find the points on F and F ', and obtain:

F=2800kgf; F ′=2300kgf

When selecting the cylinder diameter in engineering design, it can be found from Table 1-1 based on its usage pressure and theoretical thrust or tension.
Example: There is a cylinder with a working pressure of 5kgf/cm2 and a thrust of 132kgf when the cylinder is pushed out. (The cylinder efficiency is 85%) Q: What is the cylinder diameter to choose?

Based on the thrust of the cylinder of 132kgf and the efficiency of the cylinder of 85%, the theoretical thrust of the cylinder can be calculated as F=F ′/85%=155 (kgf)

Based on the use pressure of 5kgf/cm2 and the theoretical thrust of the cylinder, it is found that the selected cylinder diameter is? A cylinder of 63 can meet the usage requirements.

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