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Brake bracket

Brake bracket

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The braking system consists of a control system, a hydraulic system, and a power assist system.

1. Control system: pedal, handbrake, etc.

2. Hydraulic system: composed of hydraulic oil, brake pump, and hydraulic oil pipe.

Hydraulic oil guide is a hydraulic medium used in hydraulic systems that utilizes liquid pressure energy. It plays a role in energy transmission, system lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, and cooling in hydraulic systems. For hydraulic oil, the first requirement is to meet the liquid viscosity requirements of the hydraulic device at working and starting temperatures. As the viscosity change of the oil is directly related to hydraulic action, transmission efficiency, and transmission accuracy, it is also required that the viscosity temperature performance and shear stability of the oil should meet various requirements for different purposes.

Brake system

The brake pump is composed of the Master Brake Cylinder and the Front&Rear Wheel Brake Cylinder, which are the main mating parts of the hydraulic brake. It has a reservoir for storing brake oil on top and a piston in the cylinder below. The piston is subjected to the brake pedal in the cylinder and then acts on the push rod, transmitting the brake oil pressure in the cylinder to each wheel cylinder. It is also an hydraulic brake device, configured in the brake cylinder of each wheel.

3. Booster system: vacuum booster pump

4. Electronic control system: composed of ABS pump, ABS sensor, and ABS computer.

5. Execution system: composed of brake calipers, brake pads, and brake discs.

The company's main products include: automotive parts, diesel engine parts, engineering machinery parts, air compressor parts, die-casting machine consumables, and brake systems. It is a casting manufacturer that provides high-quality spare parts for the mechanical manufacturing industry.


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